What you should do when... I'm having moodswings: Just be patient with me. Don't let my bitchy-ness get into you. Remember that I'm not being my normal self at the moment. Try to understand and be sweet to me.
I'm jealous: Get rid of anything that triggers that emotion. Plus do something that would make me feel like I'm the only girl you're in love with and be sure to mean it.
I have my period: Don't try to annoy me because that will ignite the spark in me and turn it into a big fire. Just bring me chocolates and come over to my house and cuddle with me.
I'm in my drama queen stance: Don't pry me for being like that. It will just make me become more dramatic. Just try to listen even if it seems endless and I've ranted about the same thing a lot of times. Just tell me you love me and other stuff that you know will ease me up.
I'm mad: Just let me be. Apologize if it's your fault and mean it. Then just wait til I get over it.
I'm keeping my distance: Tell me you miss me. And that you'd rather have me ranting about anything than just being quiet and transporting my thoughts into somewhere miles away. Tell me that all my indifference is hurting you. Do it and I'll come back in a jiffy.
I'm about to give up on you: Remind me of my sworn promises. Tell me that you don't want me to give up on you ever. That you'd do your best to change the things that make me want to give up on you. Prove to me that you are still worth it.
I walk away: Follow me. Then stop me and pull me into a tight hug. Tell me that you're sorry, that you'll do anything just to keep me. Never let me get out of your tight embrace even if I'm shouting mean things at you or I'm struggling to break free. Keep on telling me that you love me. That will break the ice in my heart and enable me to let the warmth of your love in again. Say things that will make me believe in love, in you, in us ALL OVER AGAIN.

If they ever make a film adaptation for Looking for Alaska, I think Logan would be perfect for Pudge!


I haven’t read that yet! :( What do you guys think?

Things I’ve always wanted to try





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Yung CLE Subject namin, everyday reco. Lagi happy. Andami naman natutunan kay Ma’am Aguas. ♥

Yung lesson namin kanina, sabi niya,

Wag nageexpect, dahil mas nasasaktan. Kung magmamahal ka, magmahal ka lang.

Live everyday raw na parang surprise kasi mas masaya yun at hindi ka mas masasaktan…